Ranking Romero

Scott Collura's article on movies.ign.com seeks to rank the top 10 Romero films. Surprisingly, to me, Creepshow came in at #4 (of course, Night of the Living Dead took top billing). Here's what Collura says about Creepshow:
While Stephen King may never be able to overcome his rep in cinema houses for directing the notoriously bad Maximum Overdrive, he's also written directly for the screen (as opposed to adapting his books to film). One example of this is Creepshow, his 1982 collaboration with Romero which pays homage to the old E.C. comic books of yesteryear. The episodic film still freaks us out with its garish tales of betrayal and horror, but in the spirit of its inspiration Creepshow is also a lot of fun. The segment involving a doomed bumpkin (played by King) who encounters a downed meteorite elicits as many laughs as it does shrieks, while the segment called "Something to Tide You Over" features a chilling segment involving a beach, a shovel, and two unlucky lovers. Romero would later script the sequel to the film, which was based on King short stories. http://movies.ign.com/articles/107/1072585p2.html
Now, why does it surprise me that Creepshow got #4 on the list? Because I think there are some other movie's -- King adaptations -- that were much stronger. For instance, event hough it didn't make a lot of money, The Dark Half was awesome!
I still need to watch Max. Overdrive. Never saw it, but for all the whining out there, my expectations should be duely low.

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