The Stephen King Problem

If someone was schooled personally in the art of writing by the King himself -- would you read their novels?

Joe Hill has a new novel out. I'm pretty interested in it -- as I was interested in Heart Shaped Box. But here's the problem: I don't have time to devote to more reading! See, it's a Stephen King problem.

Now some of you jumped on the Stephen King wagon back with Carrie or The Shining. But not me. I started reading around Needful Things -- and it was on again off again since. So, there's LOT's I haven't read. Further, I'm knee deep (about 900 pages) into Under The Dome. Not to mention, I try to read Dickens, Follett, and other writers. And during the day I am always immersed in commentaries as I study for sermons.

So my problem is a Stephen King problem. Honestly, he's written far more than I am capable of reading. There's just not time to read that new Joe Hill novel.

Writers worth watching (and reading -- if you can break away from King)
1. Richard Laymon (All his stuff is freaky)
2. Joe Hill
3. Anne Rice
4. Dan Simmons (Drood)
5. Cormac McCarthy (the Road)
6. Harlan Coben
7. Richard Matheson
8. Ken Follett (Pillars of the Earth, World Without End)
9. John Grisham (the older stuff)
10. Richard Bachman

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