Elvis Presley Sues Stephen King From Beyond The Grave

Well. . . not really.

But this article from thespoof.com made me laugh.

"The Presley team allege that King lifted source material for his novel 'The Shining' from Presley's rock and roll classic 'Heartbreak Hotel.'

"King's plagiarism in this case is blatant. He must have known when he wrote 'The Shining' that it was about a hotel where a whole lot of heartbreak was about to happen. Also, in the book, Wendy Torrance leaves Jack - sort of - when he takes it into his head to chop her and their son Danny up with an axe. The parallels with the song are obvious. In 'Heartbreak Hotel' the singer's wife has also left him. I think I can safely state here that any so-called artist, or book-writer who decides to tell a story about a marital break-up that has a hotel in it had just better be extra careful what they say. Elvis is watching."


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