Under The Dome Notes #8

If you haven't read UTD yet, beware, this might be a spoiler.
Remember people complaining that the villians in UTD don't have good enough death scenes? That might be true of Big Jim and a few others, but it's not universally true. In fact, I just read a pretty satisfying death for good ole Frank DeLesseps got shot up (in some pretty private parts). Sammy Bushey, who he raped, gets her revenge, and it's not pretty. Well, actually, it is pretty, when you are looking for payback. And things don't come out too good for good ole Georgia, either.
I point this out only because the scene was so well written, and there is that whining out there that King doesn't give a satisfying end ot the bad guys.
I once watched Red Dawn with the death count on. It was really cool! Well, when i read that people were unhappy about the way the bad guys die off, I decided to turn my UTD death counter on.

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