2 Books About King Nominated Stoker Awards

Horrorscope has a blog entry which notes the high number of Australian authors nominated for the 2009 award. The Bram Stoker Award is one of the highest honors a writer can get. Of interest to me was that two books about King were nominated. Both books were nominated under the heading: Superior Achievement in a Nonfiction
  • STEPHEN KING: THE NON-FICTION by Rocky Wood and Justin Brooks (Cemetery Dance) I haven't read this book.


  • THE STEPHEN KING ILLUSTRATED COMPANION by Bev Vincent (Fall River Press) Cool! I was reading through this last night. Actually, I was looking for a section on Needful Things, but that wasn't one of the books covered. But, as always happens when I open this book, I got drawn in. My wife laughs at me, since I keep pulling out more and more papers and scattering them in the bed. But hey, it's not cookie crumbs... This is by far one of the most engaging books about King I've ever read.



  1. Many thanks for your kind words about my book. It's hard to find at the moment but there may be more copies available later on in the year.

    These aren't yet nominations. The preliminary ballot is voted on by the Active HWA membership to come up with the list of nominees, and the additions jury can add a nominee here and there if they want. Then we vote again for the winner.

    It was nominated for an Edgar Award by the MWA, too.

  2. thank you for the clarification. My apologies, I was having trouble figuring out where exactly in the process all of it was.

    Have you considered writinga nother book of this nature to cover other works of King's?