Bag Of Bones Miniseries has some interesting news concerning Bag of Bones. Previously slated to be a theater release, it is now being turned into a television mini-series. A big hooray from me, since I think the longer format provides the space to make a closer connection to King's work.

Writer Director Mick Garris also directed The Shining, The Stand and Desperation. All three were great, and so our expectations should be rightfully high.

Garris said, ""We're finalizing our deal and will hopefully be shooting late-spring, early-summer."

I like this book a lot. It's a sweet horror story -- haunted stuff, but a love story as well.

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  1. "Writer director Mick Garris also directed The Shining, The Stand and Desperation. All three were great..."

    Are you out of your mind ? He's one of the crappiest directors alive and completely f***ed the books. No wonder why he wasn't able to set up a feature film. Mick Garris is the worse thing which could happen to Bag of bones, it deserved waaaay better. So sad.

  2. Probably am out of my mind.
    I liked them. And most King fans seem to prefer King's The Shining over famed director Kubrick.

  3. You may be perfectly sane (:-), but being a King fan and having taste/fair judgment on movies are two differents things. The fact that most King fans prefer Garris' Shining over Kubrick's, or that The Stand rated 7/10 on Imdb doesn't prove a thing in my humble opinion.

    As a movie buff and a S.K fan, I was disappointed at first by Kubrick's Shining. But the more I watched it, the more I appreciated it for itself. As a Stephen K. adaptation, it has many flaws. But Kubrick is a very special thing in SK movie adaptations, let's not sum the argument up to that. I think a nice synthesis between cinema and adaptation would be the Darabond movies. He perfectly captured SK's spirit and knows his trade. His movies are both moving and exciting. Which is definitively NOT Garris's case. In every aspect - screenplay and narrative choices, cinematography, frame, editing, actor's direction, he's a very lame director and ruined every King book he touched. Part of it is because his productions lack money, I acknowledge that. Other part is because he just has no talent.

    Sorry for the rant. I'm just sick of hearing about Mick Garris being ok, because Bag of Bones is my favorite SK book and I'm disappointed it landed in the wrong hands.

    Different strokes...

    Of course I'll give it a chance on TV and I'll try to watch it with an open mind. But, really... it hurts.

  4. I did like The Stand in particular. And I agree that Kubrick's Shining as a charm of its own, it's just not King's story.

    What I like about the mini-series really has nothing to do with production quality -- what I think you're referring to mostly -- but I like it that the mini-series tell the story.

    Weakest mini-series was IT and Langoleers (sp). But, in some cases I think the miniseries can tell the story better; ie: Tommyknockers.

    So let's both hope they come up with a ton of money for this production!