Under The Dome Notes #6

I've been reading since November, and the progress for me is slow. Seems Bev Vincent said he read this in a weekend. . . incredible.

Just a a few of observations, none of them connected to plot.

First, Raul Esparza gives each character their own voice. Something that really doesn't stand out early on, since you haven't heard these people very much. But as the story progresses, you feel like you know the person just by Esparza's voice. Little Walter's mother's whiny voice, or Big Jim's slow drawl -- each is unique.

Second, it seems that little attention is given to the dome itself. Wouldn't little kids try to climb it? Anyone pokedi t -- with something other than a cruise missle? Licked it? that only comes to mind because it's Christmas time and I just saw that movie where the kid licks the pole and his tongue sticks. I wonder what would happen if you stuck your tongue to that Dome. . .! Get a shock probably.

Finally, I continue think that the cheif villian is poorly portrayed. People this seriously self-deceived are not usually functional. He's able to kill, sell drugs and more -- but he doesn't drink because he actually has a conviction about this? guys like that usually turn out to be closet drinkers because they don't really believe any of it.


  1. Four days, actually, when I didn't do much else outside of my day job.

  2. Still, Bev, akin to superman -- super-reader.