Under The Dome Notes #5

Picture -- Raffi Anderian / Toronto Star
As usual, just notes.
  • I think that picture (above) is great!

  • It is interesting that King manages to discuss in his novels the great "unmentionables" -- Politics and Religion. So, as a conservative preacher, how do I think he handles the two? Obviously, I see the world through very different lenses than Mr. King. So far, I'd say he gets at least a B. It is interesting that the Cannibals had hints of very religious people as well, so it's a theme that seems to stick close to this story.
  • Big Jim is exactly the kind of "born again" Christian that could make any preacher cringe, or leave the ministry. King is good at getting inside people's heads, but a deacon who runs a used car lot who is a town selectman who is running a meth operation. . . something just isn't adding up for me. But, I'll go with the flow here. It is true that the scariest people are those who feel the end justifies the means.
  • The descrption of the fight scene between Junior and Barbie was great. And I like it that the chief's wife isn't just a marshmellow after her husbands demise.

  • The image of people washing the Dome was wonderful! If only we could do that on planet earth. I have this mental picture of those planes that drop water on fires coming over the dome and dropping water on it so they can see exactly where it's at.

  • King does a good job getting inside people's heads. It's disturbing!

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