Under The Dome Notes #4

picture by by Crocazill http://crocazill.deviantart.com/art/Under-the-Dome-cover-designs-137189882

The book just got beautifully gory. The kind of stuff horror fans love. Eyes hanging from the socket, brains. . . nice.
I missed a chunk of reading because of a disk failure. And, the book does look so heavy to lug down. . .
As with other posts, this is nothing more than my own notes as I read. But feel free to look over my shoulder and I always welcome your comments.
  • The question: Can a bullet penetrate the dome? Answer: Best not to try.

  • Suspicion: That the dome is generated from inside Chester Mill.

  • Barbie seems rather bold in his open disrespect of authority. Former privates might act that way -- but Captains find it almost impossible to shake off the training to respect authority.

  • I wonder if Julia Shumway is in anyway modeled after Anne Colter.

  • Lester Coggins is the kind of preacher that freaks me out. Are they out there? Sure. In plenty? No. They're usually leading cult groups. I don't yet know what he partnered with Big Jim for, but guys like Coggins are not usually bullied very easily.

  • I'm surprised that there haven't been more attempts to burst through the dome. People seem to accept the situation kind of easily. But it reminds me of a scene in the Cannibals.

  • Note: The dome traces the exact border of the town. Leading to a question: Is the town a circle? Am I missing something?

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