Danny Torrance Is Back After-all!

I saw Danny tonight. King told us we probably wouldn't be seeing much more of ole Danny in his sudden disclaimer of Dr. Sleep. . . but I saw ole Danny. Oh, and I saw the two ghost girls.
Where? A bing commerical.
Titled "Haunted Hotel" we are shown the outside of the hotel with spooky music. Then, a kid on his trike asks mom, "What are you looking for?"
"A less creepy hotel, but it's taking forever with these links."
Danny asks, "Why don't you use Bing?"
Mom: "Bing, wow, looks better already."
Danny: "Now use visual search."
Mom: "Ooh, let's go there..."
Dead Girls: "Please don't go!"
My favorite line: Jack sticks his head through the door and says, "hon, they have a maze out back!"
Check it out on youtube:

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