Strange Kudos

Did you ever think you'd see Stephen King on O'reilly? Maybe the other way around! O'reilly strikes me as a character in a King novel. Tonight O'reilly had Stephen King in his pin-heads and patriots section. Which one was King? A patriot of course!

O'Rielly said, "One of the most successfulw writers in America is Stpehn King who lives in Maine. He is very loyal to his state. This Christmas time Mr. King and his wife are paying for 150 members of the Maine national guard to come home for the holidays. The soldiers are currently training in Indiana, and are due to Afghanistan next month. For this generous gestrue Mr. King and his wife are patriots."

King is shown presenting a giant check . . . maybe file footage, though.

1 comment:

  1. Stephen King has been generous to his home state way back when O'Reilly still had hair and his dreams of media mania were barely blips in his pinhead. How condescending and sanctimonious of him to somehow "bestow" the label of patriot on King. Ugh.