Only Three Movies King Likes ?

Barry Ronge writes, "In a recent interview, author Stephen King singled out only three films based on his work that he really enjoyed: Rob Reiner's Stand by Me and the two films made by Frank Darabont: The Shawshank Redemption and The Mist."

Really?! Unfortunately, Ronge doesn't cite his source. That drives me crazy. It's like an essay with no footnotes, or a sermon with no scripture reference, or. . . you get the point. It seems that King has scited numerous times that Cujo was one of his favorite movies. But, since Ronge wasn't willing to dig up his source. . .

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  1. I haven't read 'The Mist' yet but the movie... Let's say I did not enjoy it.

  2. I don't mind parts of the movie version of "The Mist" but the original 1980 novella is leagues and leagues better.