LINK: Alan Wake Review

Mark LoProto has an insightful review of the video game Alan Wake. LoProto gives the game high marks for  story telling, but levels concerns about depth.  For instance, he notes that combat is overly simplified, as is travel.  Still, “Alan Wake may not be the perfect game, but there is plenty working in its favor."

What Alan Wake does well is tell a story.  LoProto writes: 
It’s easy to equate most bits of horror as a throwback to early Stephen King, but the story woven within this tale of darkness truly is reminiscent of classic psychological horror. Following Wake on his journey to uncover the truth behind Caldron Lake, his missing wife, and the Dark Presence rings true of classic novelized horror. Throughout, “Alan Wake” feels less like a video game and more like an interactive Lovecraftian novel as the writer’s mind is bent and twisted to a point where most people would be unable to return from.
The full review is HERE.

Have you played Alan Wake?  Tell  me what you think.


  1. I've wanted to play Alane Wake, however I've always lacked the funds necessary. Instead, I've had to watch others play the game.

    In doing this I've come to believe there's more of a King influence than the article lets on. I can't speak for anyone else, however clear away the fictional aspects, and this gave me, I believe, a better understanding of Stephen King, and his fiction.


  2. I wanted to play it but I have a playstation.