Bangor Broadcasters Quit On Air

In an article titled, "Take this job and shove it: Fed-up Bangor TV anchors quit on air", Bangor Daily News writes: "Michaels and Consiglio, who have a combined 12½ years’ service at WVII (Channel 7) and sister station WFVX (Channel 22), shocked staff members and viewers with their joint resignations Tuesday evening. . . Neither reporter had told anyone of their decisions before Tuesday’s newscast."

The reason for their leaving?  Michaels said it was because they were  forced by upper management to do stories that were bias.  (They did not indicate which way they felt the bias was leaning).

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  1. I hate to say it, but it's true. The idea of a strictly free press is something of a myth.

    And even if a total free press existed, that will never be guarantee against human folly.