Pet Sematary Rises On Blue Ray

DVD file has posted news that we can expect Pet Sematary to hit Blu-ray and include a commentary track as well as special features.
2 October will bring the Blu-ray release of Pet Sematary. This Stephen King cult classic will arrive with a 1080p transfer, a DTS-HD Master Audio sound mix, a commentary track, and a slate of featurettes. SRP is $22.98 (Check it out HERE.)
This is exciting  news to me,as  I think this is one of the best Stephen King adaptations out there.  It is both scary and faithful to the plot and mood of the novel.


  1. I'm a little surprised that wasn't out already.

    Oh, well; I don't have a Blu-ray player yet, so I won't be buying this...

    ...for now.

  2. " And I like it to!"
    OK, now that i've got the quoting of old Irish Spring commercials thoroughly out of my system...
    I'm in agreement that this is one of the best SK adaptions yet committed to film IMHO.
    And yet, while singing the film's praises, I'll also freely mention it's many, often glaring flaws as well. In fact, oddly enough, it;s actually easier to discuss it's negatives than it is it's positives.
    Of which, Dale Midkiff's wooden portrayal of Lewis Creed & the histrionics of the girl that essayed the role of his daughter are many. Also, the fact that Mary Lambert's film's finale is VERY clearly "borrowed" from Pupi Avati's 1983 Italian chiller ZEDER ( US title - REVENGE OF THE DEAD ).
    Still, despite it's flaws, it's a remarkably atmospheric, spooky movie. With the appearance of poor Rachel's creepy-ass sister in the attic being a DEFINITE hair on the back of the neck raiser during each & every viewing.
    That reason alone being worth the price of the BD upgrade, just like it was worth the $$$ spent on the DVD upgrade from my VHS copy a few years ago.