CARRIE goes to Comic-Con

image credit: Dread Central  HERE

Dread Central's Uncle Creepy posted today:
The first artwork for the remake of Carrie is ready to stare down all who dare to walk through the doors at this year's Comic-Con, and we have a shot of it right here for all those not around to meet her gaze! Dig it!
The Dread Central article is HERE.

Makes me wonder what the scene would look like if Carrie actually did go to Comic-Con.  She'd make a mess of those exhibits, that's for sure.  Actually, a whole series of posters comes to mind.  Carrie goes to congress would be nice.  How about Carrie goes to Disneyland.  Carrie goes to Time Square.  How about Carrie goes to the Stanley Hotel. Carrie visits Haven.

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  1. Carrie goes to the congress... jejeje...

    Carrie goes to a rock concert, Carrie goes to the beach, Carrie goes to the airport, Carrie goes to the zoo...