5 Stephen King Movies

Kellie Haulotte has a short, fun, article at examiner.com titled, “5 Stephen King Movies.”

Her choices:
5. Salem’s Lot
4. Pet Sematary3. Carrie
2. The Dead Zone
1. The Shining.

About The Shining, Haulotte wrote: “I'm never really sure why I love this movie so much. The feeling of claustrophobia and living in a so called haunted hotel, just adds to a good plot. The movie is slow at times but that adds to the suspense. Watching Jack Nicholson go slowly crazy is what makes the movie and Shelly Duvall trying to keep things smoothly. It's creepy.”

Those are all good choices – so good, every one of them has been (or is being) remade.  Salem’s Lot has been made into TV miniseries twice.  There was also “Return to Salem’s Lot” – which I have not seen.  Pet Sematary has a sequel and there has been talk about remaking it.  Carrie got a sequel, a television remake and now a new movie treatment.  The Dead Zone was turned into a TV series.  And, of course, King and Garris remade The Shining as an ABC mini-series.

My current 5 favorites:
5. Misery
4. The Green Mile
3. The Dark Half
2. Stand By Me
1. The Stand

Why The Stand?  That’s another blog post, but primarily because: 1. It kept the bigness of the story.  2. The plot was essentially intact.  3. The acting was great.  I particularly liked Flagg and Stu.  What the Stand failed to do was scare!  The scene in the tunnel wasn’t as scary as it was reading it.  However, I don’t know that was possible.

HERE is a list of all Stephen King movies.

Okay, your turn!


  1. 5. IT

    4. Carrie

    3. The Green Mile

    2. The Shawshank Redemption

    1. The Shining (rivals The Exorcist as the best horror movie ever).

  2. You should definitely keep “Return to Salem’s Lot” unwatched
    At the moment:

    5 The Mist
    4 Salem's Lot 1979
    3 Misery
    2 The Green Mile
    1 Stand by Me

    Runner-ups: Pet Sematary, The Shawshank Redemption, Storm of the Century

    BTW I checked some of Fukunaga's films, and I'm pretty stoked with him doing It. I feel he can do the atmosphere of the book justice. So here's hoping a well done adaptation of It can finally get into my top 5!

  3. I think it's hard to judge these movies. What do you want out of an SK movie? A great adaptation? A great movie? A scary movie? A time waster? I guess the same goes for his books too. Uncle Stevie makes a lot of ice cream, what flavor do you want?

    Here's a top 5 list based on these ideas:

    Favorite adaptation: The Mist
    Favorite fun movie: Creepshow
    Favorite good movie: Shawshank
    Favorite bad movie: Maximum Overdrive
    Desert Island movie: The Shining

    and as a backup I really like Sometimes They Come Back for some reason. I like the tone of the movie and since the story was never really a "classic" to me the dropping of the satanic subplot didn't really bother me. I think they nailed the nostalgia portion of the story, since many of Steve's stories boil down to You Can't Go Home again. This one you can't go home again b/c demons will kill you and your family.