DREAD CENTRAL: Stephen King Films Head To Blu-Ray

Right on the heels of Aaron Dries article  on the under appreciated Stephen King movies (HERE) -- come your opportunity to own a few  of them on Blu Ray.

This is from Dreadcentral:

Three Stephen King movies will be bowing on Blu-ray in the coming months. Starting with the one that I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb to say is the least anticipated of the trio, Olive Films will give the 1996 King adaptation Thinner a digital upgrade on August 21st. Well, at least as much of an upgrade as one can give to a movie about a fat man who runs over a gypsy while getting a blowjob and then gets cursed to physically waste away unless Joe Mantegna can help him brutalize the gypsies into letting him pack on the pounds once more. Blu-ray extras will include the pride you will experience knowing you actually bought Thinner on Blu-ray.
On September 4th, Image Entertainment will bring Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers to Blu-ray. The 1992 Mick Garris feature written specifically for the big screen by King starred Alice Krieg, Brian Krause, and Madchen Amick in a twisted tale that involved incestuous, vampiric werecats that feed on the life forces of virgins and whose greatest weakness is the scratch of a little kitty. I’ll always remember it for being one of the few films where someone gets fatally stabbed to death with a corn on a cob.

They Live, Pet Sematary, The Devil’s Advocate, Arachnophobia, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, and more Blu-ray Release Dates

Paramount has just announced that the 1989 adaptation of King’s best seller Pet Sematary will be getting the Blu-ray treatment just in time for Halloween. We'll have more details on the disc specifics when they’re announced - It just better include the music video for The Ramones' awesome theme song.


  1. I already have Sleepwalkers on DVD and quite frankly it doesn't warrant a Blu-Ray upgrade. Thinner was nothing special but Pet Sematary might be worth a purchase at the right price.

  2. Some other King review news. James Smythe at the guardian.uk has the latest re-reading Stephen King column out now.

    The latest book: Night Shift.

    My one caveat is a I think he misunderstands the short story Children of the Corn.

    Thought it might be something worth looking into.


  3. Yes, I have on my list to post a link of Smyth's re-reading. I think he's great.

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  5. Sorry, but all three of those suck. It's the miniseries that I'm waiting to come out on bluray. Rose Red, The Stand and It especially, but I like most of them except Storm of the Century and I'm not too crazy about Desperation.

  6. All I want is Maximum Overdrive on Bluray!!! PLEASE !!!