Beauchamp: Should You Feel Bad About Reading SK?

Did you read Dwight Allen's article ripping Stephen King?  If you didn't -- you should, just to get a idea of what intellectual snobbery taste like -- it's HERE.  My blog  post about it is HERE.

Scott Beauchamp has a great response/article titled, "Should  You Feel Bad About Reading Stephen King?" orginally posted at  Of course,  he also reviews the responses to Allen's original piece.

Beauchamp wraps up, writing:
It seems like these semi-annual "should I feel bad about reading Stephen King?" battles are getting a bit out of hand. Snobs: your standards are not objective. King Defenders: don't be so insecure. These arguments always seem to bring out the worst in people, because it really becomes a war about your identity as a reader. But who cares who considered which author to be what? Sit down and read and enjoy.


  1. I especially appreciate the fact that Beauchamp has harsh words for the Salon piece that came out defending King against Allen. I disagree with a lot of what Allen said, but I at least felt as though he knew his own mind; Nelson simply sounded incompetent.

  2. King is a great writer. Period.
    Critics hate him because it´s succesful and he also writes horror,science fiction. How we dare in enjoy reading? LOL

    PS: Sorry for my bad english, spanish colleague here.