Lealos writing "Dollar Deal"

Shawn S. Lealos is writing a book about the Stephen King dollar babies titled "Dollar Deal."  Sounds interesting, and an area that has been long overlooked.

Lealos’ website states:
He is currently writing a book based on the Stephen King dollar babies, telling the stories of filmmakers from all over the world who used this program to get their foot in the door and further their careers.  (Check it out HERE)
Lealos is also covering Comic-Con 2012 for examiner.

He recently wrote this interesting note about the strength of King’s evil characters as part of a blog entry titled, “Writing Tips: The Importance of a Fleshed Out Villain” :
Here is something to keep in mind when writing your villains. If a bad guy is boring or weak, your heroes will not have to work so hard to beat him. If the Crimson King was not so powerful, would the heroes from Stephen King’s “The Stand” be so interesting? If Pennywise was not such a scary, evil creation, would we care about the kid’s who had to face him in “It?” Sure, you can write wonderful characters but if your bad guy does not pop off the page, it is all for naught.
Check it out HERE.

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  1. I will happily read a copy of that book when it comes out.