What's Haunting Stephen King

10,000 Magazines, #9,996
USA Weekend, October 29-31

USA Weekend is a small paper.  The article, headlined "What's haunting Stephen King?" by Brian Truitt is titled "What's On Stephen King's dark side?" inside.  The short write-up is actually a series of quotes from King.  The artilce came out just as King was publishing Full Dark, No Staars.

Truitt says, "It's Halloween, a time when ghosts, goblins and assorted ghouls are everywhere.  So when better to check in with the master of horror himself, Stephen ing, whose next book, four novellas called Full Dark, No Stars based  around themes of retribution, arrives November 9."

Truitt reminds us that king prefers "blodthristy" vampires, saying that vampires "are takers" not lovers.  He also discusses King's favorite TV shows (not Mad Men, but more like Lost or Sons of Anarchy.)  King doesn't "stress" about getting pegged.  He emphasizes that he simply writes what he wants without concern for what category others might drop it into.

King says,
I'd like to try everything that I possibly can, and  when you do something different, sometimes it buzzes you all over again.  You know what, it's nice to push your limits a little bit. 
He has certainly been pushing readers limits for some time!

When asked if King keeps a notebook, he tells  people that he does not, because the good ideas stay.  "I think a writers notebook is the best way there is to immortalize really bad ideas," King says.  Now, let me ask. . . do you think that's true?  I disagree.  I think sometimes good lines come to you and should be written down.  Scenes need  to be held onto.


  1. "I think sometimes good lines come to you and should be written down. Scenes need to be held onto."

    I couldn't agree more, though I think you should use discernment 'tween the good and the bad, there's a difference after all.

    Curiously, there is one story King talks about that's stayed with him since the 80s. It's based off the old joke about "What's the one place Superman can't go?"

    It involves a haunted, or at least "inhabited" ladies restroom where they go in but they don't back come out again. At one point even the president gets involved.

    It's been with him all this time.



  2. Yup writing things down is a good idea. Or else you might forget something really good. . .