King's Offer To Cover A Third Of Library Renovations

Bangor Daily Bews has an article titled, "Stephen and Tabitha King offer to cover one-third of $9 million Bangor library renovation, if library finds ways to foot the rest of the bill."  (Really, that's the header)
BANGOR, Maine — Authors Stephen and Tabitha King have pledged $3 million toward renovations at Bangor’s century-old public library, as long as the library reaches its goal of raising another $6 million, according to the library’s director. 
The Bangor Public Library has kicked off a $9 million fundraising effort in an attempt to modernize its building for the next generation of users and to protect its more than 500,000 volumes, Director Barbara McDade said Tuesday. 
The Kings offered to pay one-third of that bill as long as the library figured out how to come up with the rest. 
“They have just been wonderful supporters of the library,” McDade said of the Kings.
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