James Herbert Dies

Author James Herbert died today.  (www.guardian.co.uk) David Barnett writes:
Herbert managed the rare feat of straddling both genre and mainstream fiction; at the height of his career, he was often spoken of in the same breath as Stephen King,
Metro once asked Herbert if he ever shared ideas with Stephen King, to which Herbert answered, "Oh no, he’s over in the US and I’m here, so we’re not buddy-buddy at all. We’ve never done the same idea, even by coincidence. There’s so much out there."  metro.co.uk

TOR.com noted in October 2012, "quiz any literate adult in Britain about horror novels, and the two author names you will hear straight away, and nearly every time too, to this day, are those of Stephen King and James Herbert. The two most enduringly popular horror authors in the Anglosphere."

Stephen King certainly praised Herbert's books, and, according to examiner, Stephen King lost a bet with Hebert over which of them would see a real ghost first. (www.examiner.com/article/stephen-king-loses-bet)

Herbert was the author of:
  • The Rats (1974)
  • The Fog (1975)
  • The Survivor (1976)
  • Fluke (1977)
  • The Spear (1978)
  • Lair (1979)
  • The Dark (1980)
  • The Jonah (1981)
  • Shrine (1983)
  • Domain (1984)
  • Moon (1985)
  • The Magic Cottage (1986)
  • Sepulchre (1987)
  • Haunted (1988)
  • Creed (1990)
  • Portent (1992)
  • The Ghosts of Sleath (1994)
  • '48 (1996)
  • Others (1999)
  • Once (2001)
  • Nobody True (2003)
  • The Secret of Crickley Hall (2006)
  • Ash (2012)


  1. RIP. This guy's been on m to-read list for years. I need to rectify that.

  2. Oh, man, that truly sucks. The rats it´s a really cool book and i have The secret of Crickley Hall on my Kindle :(

    A shame, that here in Spain we didn´t see a lot of his books.

  3. The Fog by James Herbert was one of the ten books King pointed out as essential reads in Danse Macabre.