King To Speak On Behalf Of TWAIN HOUSE

Are you a Mark Twain fan?  I am! posted this bit of news:
Stephen King, the author of horror books, mystery stories and essays, will engage in a conversation with WNPR radio host a Courant blogger Colin McEnroe, July 18, at The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts. The event is a benefit for the Mark Twain House. 
Twain House members can reserve tickets on March 18. Become a member by calling 860-280-3112 or visiting Annual memberships begin at $35 for ages 39 and younger and $50 for other individuals.
If only I lived. . . on the other side of the country!


  1. Interesting that those over 39 pay more for their Annual Membership. No "Senior Discount" here! Maybe they figure those over 39 will spend more time at the Twain House than younger people.

  2. Actually, I was not aware groups could charge seniors more ! (Though over 39 is not senior. . .)

    1. For me, it's especially fitting, as along with King, Twain is the other author that got me to expand my reading horizons.

      I don't know, but there's an interesting book I ran across a book by Harold K. Bush, Mark Twain and the Spiritual Crises of his age, think of it as an autobiography of the soul of THE American Writer.