Moore's Review Of ROOM 237

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Here is a wonderful review of the documentary "Room 237" that doesn't lower itself to drooling.  The review is refreshingly honest when it says,
The documentary "Room 237" is an ostensibly thoughtful deep reading, a deconstruction of Stanley Kubrick's film of Stephen King's 1980 novel "The Shining." What it really is, is a bunch of obsessives obsessing about an obsessive movie maker's obsessive movie.
Now who can disagree with that?

The review comes from Roger Moore at McClatchy-Tribune News Service and is titled, "Yes, you can watch a favorite film too many times for your own good."

About the documentaries commentators  Moore writes, "They have examined the film, frame by frame, parsing its images like a cinematic "Da Vinci Code." And the reason they can do this is that Kubrick was just as obsessed as they are."

So what are some of the crazy interpretations of The Shining?  Moore lists some of them being that the film is about the destruction of American Indians, the Holocaust, the Apollo Moon landings, or "Kubrick's favorite bugaboo, sexuality?"  Not having seen the film, I'll vote for the Apollo Moon landing, just because I think it's the most nuts!

And here's the thing -- he liked it!  Moore gives the film 3 out of four stars, rating it a grade of "B." Not bad.

Check out the full review, "Yes, you can watch a favorite film too many times for your own good.


  1. You know what's frustrating is I KNOW I had this idea about why so many are so defensive about the film as opposed to the book, and I can't for the life of me remember what it was at the moment, seriously.

    I think it all had something to do with the fact that the film is Kubrick and not King, and how maybe that's enough for fans to defend it or something. I can't guarantee that's it, but it sounds close to the ballpark.

    Memory at it's best folks.


  2. Roger Moore was my favorite James Bond when I was growing up. Nice to see he's found a successful secondary career as a film reviewer!

  3. See, I was wondering that that's the SAME Roger Moore.

  4. THAT Roger Moore? You're kidding.


    1. I am indeed. James Bond ain't got no time to write movie reviews!