MSN: The Best Of King

Check this video out from titled, "Stephen King's Greatest Books."

The description states:

He is one of the most popular writers of our time. The legendary Stephen King has captured our minds and, at times, left us awake at night. Here are some of his horrifyingly greatest works.
It starts with Pet Sematary, then moves to Misery.  Msn notes that Salem's Lot is supposed to be King's favorite novel.  The portion on The Shining focuses primarily on the Kubrick adaptation.  Finally the short video lists IT as one of King's  greatest.

Is a Best of Stephen King list really complete without The Stand ?


  1. Salem's Lot used to be King's favorite of his books, now it's Lisey's Story (got my source from the good authority of the Moderator of the Official SK MessageBoard).

    It's nice to see the people behind this list are readers of discernment, clear judgement and good taste and would therefore nominate a for top place a story about a killer clown that gobbles up little kids like an orge in a fairy tale.


  2. Any discussion of King's best STARTS with The Stand.

    Any discussion of King's WORST starts with Lisey's Story.