THE SHINING Weight Loss Plan

What if watching Thinner could make you thinner?

My wife is here reading me her favorite magazine. . . Readers Digest.  I do not know why she reads me this.  It's like an old people's joke book. I have tried to get her hooked on Cemetery Dance, but it's too infrequent.

Just as I start to tease her, she reads me this snippet:
New research shows scary movies make you adrenaline surge.  Burning as many calories as a thirty minute walk. The top "workout"?  Kubrick's The Shining -- 184 calories. 
                  --Readers Digest, January, 2013 p.10 
Of course, if you eat popcorn during the viewing, you might actually gain weight.  Or, even worse, blog and eat popcorn while watching.

I wonder how many calories Cujo would burn.  I want a calorie guide!  Someone could make a Stephen King movie calorie app.

Sleepwalkers might have some value after all, right? Probably not, you have to actually get scared,