THE RAFT paperback

Here's something pretty cool I got for Christmas, a paperback edition of The Raft.  According to Amazon, it was actually a pamphlet inserted into Nov. 1982 Gallery.  It looks fuller than it really is -- just 26 pages in a glossy cover.   I like it!

Funny thing, my mother in law got it for me.  "He wants an older paperback book?" she questioned my wife.  "You know, they have that same story in collections."  My wife reassured her that it was the old paperback I wanted.

So I looked up  what "Gallery" was, thinking the entire magazine might be of interest.  It's  porn!  Glad I didn't ask my mother in law for that!

Here is the back of the booklet:


  1. NERDGASM!!!!! I have the one from Skeleton Crew, but not on it's own. Soooo freaking cool!

  2. There's a stand up comedy routine in this somewhere, I just can't think of it.

    What better way to say Merry Christmas


  3. Wow, I've never seen this! Can't say the same about Gallery mag, however.

  4. I'd never heard of this, either. Awesome!

    A great many of King's short stories from the seventies (and a few from the early eighties) were published in porno mags like Gallery. In a sense, his early career was subsidized by those magazines.