UpComing Fangoria Stuffed Full Of S.K. Treats

picture: http://www.fangoria.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3926:first-look-fangoria-303-cover-and-contents&catid=60:announcements-contests&Itemid=168
Fangoria has released a sneak peek of #303, due out this April. What's exciting is just how much Stephen King stuff is in there! It's almost bleeding Stephen King.
Fangoria explains that the cover features a painted image of director John Carpenter. In the issue he talks "past and present career." #303 will also offer a "retrospective" on Christine. Right on the heels of King's recent comments about another certain hard to work with leading lady, Fangoria says, "Talk about a high-maintenance leading lady… Inside the Carpenter/King killer-car flick." hehe! I'm giddy with anticipation.
That's not all! There is also an interview with Shelly Duvall on The Shining. Fangoria says, "Heeeeeere’s Wendy! Stanley Kubrick’s panicked Shining heroine speaks."

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  1. I love Carpenter's movies, on the whole, and while "Christine" isn't one of my favorites (those'd be "The Thing" and "Starman" and "Prince of Darkness"), I do like it a lot. More than the novel, in some ways. Heck, I'd like it if only for the music, which is awesome. So I may actually pick this issue of Fango up. Thanks for the heads-up!