What Is The Dome?

Are you looking forward to tonight's episode?

Synopsis for tonight's episode: Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” (CBS at 10) returns for Season 2 with Barbie in danger and Julie coming to the aid of a girl who may have clues about the origin of the dome.  (washingtonpost.com)

What is the dome?

Could be. . .
1. An alien force-field placed by leather headed creatures who consider  humans insignificant.
2. The dome is a living entity caused by the earth itself.
3. It's powered by the Dark Tower.
4. The result of an alien spaceship.


Here seems to be the guidelines (they're different than the book)

  • Weather, rain, so on can pass through.
  • The Dome itself gives some people visions of pink stars falling.
  • The Dome goes deep into the earth.  You can't dig your way out (sorry Maggie Simpson.)
  • The Dome gives an electric charge and can jolt people with pacemakers, hearing aids and other electrical devices.
  • The Dome appears to have a will of its own and can direct peoples behavior at times.
  • The Dome that appears to in some way control the Dome itself. 

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