King Talks Dome

Right now the web is pretty flooded with Under The Dome Season Two stories.  This discussion with Stephen King is pretty good.

“I knew that George R.R. Martin had written a few episodes of ‘Game of Thrones,’ and I was very jealous,” King told the Seattle Times.

Why is King writing the first episode?  He explains (apparently as they eat pizza), “It gave me a chance to set the arc in motion for the season, and it gave me a little more input into what was going to happen.”

The article cites Neal Baer saying, “We thought this would be a great way to solidify the support of the fans...”  Does the fan base need solidifying?  Maybe.

What's my reaction to another season of Under The Dome?  Fearful.  Things took off with a bang  first season, then fell apart.

Is King Writing About Hodges? . . .
After discussing his "ritual" for writing, the article notes:
That’s not to say that King lives free of the self-doubt that afflicts most, if not all, writers. In fact, he’s currently a “mess” over the troublesome third act of an upcoming book.
“I don’t usually plot in advance, the book usually tells me what to do, but I’m getting to the point where there’s a lot of mist ahead and I just sort of hope things work out,” he said. “They usually do.”
 Makes me wonder if he is hard at work on the next installment with Detective Ret. Hodges.


  1. I can't wait for tonight's debut episode of Season 2.

    I'm not on about page 430 of the book. I promised myself I'd get at least halfway through it by the time Season 2 began.

    Boy am I glad I did. *BOOK SPOILERS TO FOLLOW*: First off, the book is just excellent. Top-notch Stephen King. His writing is pitch-perfect. The scope of the novel is massive. The conceit (the Dome) is perfect to capture that slice of Americana which Big Steve knows so well, and in many ways is his forte.

    I'd go so far as to suggest that Under The Dome may be his most important novel. It's certainly a page-turner. The cast of characters is immense, and chock full of great ones.


    From what I've read online, the DOME TV series, if successful, will continue season after season for as long as it remains popular, and will necessarily deviate from the book.

    The characters of Big Jim and Junior are so much more evil in the book, Junior does not have any redeeming quality whatsoever. It renders him starkly as a villain, along with all his young buddies who signed up as police officers. By the end of Season 1, Junior has almost reached a point where the viewer begins to pity him and/or hope that he can turn himself around. Whereas in the book he's just a stone cold killer, and those scenes where he revisits his pantry to chum it up with his collection of dead buddies, well that's classic King right there.

    Now that I'm halfway through the book and getting ready to embark on Season 2, I feel I am in the lucky position to be in the "best of both worlds."

    Now -- the TV series can't ruin the book for me, nor can the book ruin the TV series. Win-win.

    1. I meant to write I AM on about page 430 of the book >.< D'oh