Norris talks Dome

Some of my favorite lines from Dean Norris' comments on Under The Dome:

  • "Big Jim is a guy who loves  power.  He thinks he's doing it for the sake of the town."
  • "[Big Jim] is just a delicious character to play!"
  • "He's like a lizard that's  cooking along, when he sees the fly,  he eats  it. He doesn't think about it."
  • "He's manipulative, he uses salesman tactics when he needs to.  He's playing different characters for different people in the show."
  • "There's some new characters this season that Big Jim has to determine if he trusts  them, if they trust him.  It's always an interesting question of do you trust Big Jim."
  • "The Dome, even though it was a big character in season one, it's an even bigger character in season two.  The question is, is the Dome calling Big Jim to lead the town?"

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