Cody Collier posted an interesting story at that announces that the Dark Tower is set to be a live-action production.

Wait . . . WHAT?  Collier writes:
On the subject of The Dark Tower, much of the information about the production is still surrounded by speculation and mystery, but a few statements have been made clear. Academy award-winning director, Ron Howard has been attached to direct the adaptation of The Dark Tower series, but the form of adaptation the title is to take is still uncertain. The initial plan for the project was to create a trilogy of feature films deriving from multiple excerpts from the eight books included in the saga, but also, similar to Under the Dome, create two seasons of a television series that would seal up any gaps left in between each of the movies.
Stephen King may have this new series in the works, but the Under the Dome creator still suffers many difficulties in getting The Dark Tower on its feet. The two production companies, Warner Brothers and Universal have pulled their support for the project, most likely due to the complexity of its production. King states that he is still putting his faith in director, Ron Howard to see the project through at some point in the near future. Ties to the network HBO have been rumored and whispers of Russell Crowe playing the titular role of Roland Deschain have surfaced, but still nothing has been confirmed. The only official evidence that the project is still even happening can be seen on The Dark Tower IMDb, Internet Movie Database page confirming Howard as the director, Akiva Goldsman as the screenplay writer and Imagine Entertainment as the production company.
Since he's not citing a lot of sources, and most of the information here is a look BACK -- I'm not sure what Collier basing this on.  However, I'm always hopeful for a Dark Tower series.  HBO would be AWESOME.

At the heart of Collier's discussion seems to be that since Under The Dome series is doing well, maybe King might yet pull off a Dark Tower series.  I hope the fate of the Tower does not rest on the ratings of Under The Dome.

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  1. I'm still wondering if UTD ties in to the DT universe.

    My best guess is, probably not directly.*

    *Remember, kids: ALL books tie in to the DT universe ~;^)