The DOME Is Back -- What Did You Think?

What did you think of tonight's episode of Under The Dome?

My favorite line: “Shut up and be dead, I’m busy.”

IGN's Matt Fowler posted a review of "Heads Will Roll."  (  Fowler writes, that it is "painfully obvious that the first few minutes of this episode were an attempt to very quickly un-do a lot of the thick-headedness that dragged Season 1 down so drastically."

In his verdict, Fowler declares,
"Under the Dome" is definitely going for a new "no one is safe" vibe. Though it would help of any of the characters who were no longer safe were characters I actually care about. Plus, the dome can make anyone pop back up as a ghost-type thing so no one really leaves. And since everyone's so flat, it doesn't actually matter if we're seeing them "alive" or "dead."
By the way -- the image isn't mine.  Anyone notice a grammar problem?


  1. For an impenetrable dome, it's surprisingly easy for new characters to pop up. I was kind of hoping they'd develop one of the two characters who died a bit more.

    I'm not sure if I like the idea of the mousy, quiet barefoot girl wandering around, though... She seems familiar.

  2. I agree about new characters. I think the idea is that it's an entire town, so we just haven't been introduced to everyone yet.

  3. I think that look on Stephen's face up at the top of this thread speaks volumes more clearly about what I thought of the season 2 premiere.

    I'll keep watching out of sick fascination and cuz I love the subject (Under The Dome) and our beloved author so much, but .. . . Yeeeesh.