Charlie Fried's Scrapbook, 4

Films of 1994! An ad for Shawshank Redemption video tape. From a catalogue directed at video stores.

The Stand video tape. An ad aimed at video stores.

Oh my, it's an ad for video stores to buy bulk copies of The Langoliers. There's a special "6 pack offer." Also advertised is a "Deluxe 5 Standee!" and Theatrical size poster, and shelf talkers.

This is straight forward: 4 Audio books for 99 cents. And hey, how often do you see Stephen King on the same page with Barbara Bush?

Here is an article Charlie clipped from. . . somewhere. It's a article by Stephen King extolling the virtues of an ice ax. I'll type it up when I have time, because it's really cool.

Here is an early internet page, I think, listing the Filmography of Stephen King.

A handbill for North American Premiere of the stage version of Misery. Oct 19-Nov 11, 1995.

This one is interesting! It's an ad for spanish Stephen King audio books.

"Captivating Personalities." I do not know what this is from. On the page are: Sally Jessy Raphael, Stephen King, Gene Siskel, Jim Morris, Jenny Jones, Ben Vereen. The King caption reads:
Stephen King: Simply the most popular writer alive. Stephen King is a phenomenal talent who dominates the best seller list like no one ever has. From early classics such as Carrie, the Shining and The Stand through recent works including Misery and Needful Things, his novels have caused countless sleepless nights and inspired some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. An equally masterful storyteller in person. King is a rare treat at the lecture podium.
And that, friends, brings us to the end of Charlie Fried's Stephen King scrapbook.

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