King makes visit to Exeter High School

EHS Principal Sean Kiley and Stephen King
share a lighthearted moment following King’s visit to Kristina Peterson’s class on Friday.

Sea Coast Online reports that last Friday Stephen King mad a special  visit to Exeter High School.  He was expected to skype with Kristina Peterson's class, which has focused the last semester on King's novel "The Stand."  Of course, students wanted to talk with the artist who destroyed the world with a super plague and then brought down the battle between good evil.

Now hold on!  They spent a semester studying The Stand?  Seriously -- I went to the wrong High School!  How cool is this!  I'm going crazy here with how awesome that is.

Principal Sean Kiley said that ten minutes earlier than originally scheduled, King rolled right onto the High School  grounds and spent three hours on campus. 

Kiley said about King, "He is as famous as he is humble, and agreed to be here today for nothing more than a roast beef sandwich and a diet Pepsi. Today at Exeter High School was a special one. King inspired faculty, staff, and students alike."

The first hour was given to a private hour long session with students in Peterson's classroom answering questions about The Stand.  I like King's summery of the book, he told students, "if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."

He then gave 90 minutes to answering questions and reading from his upcoming novel "Joyland."  

The Sea Coast article closes with, "In response to a student question, King summed up what Exeter High School holds to be true, 'if you can read and write, you can own the world.'"

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