King Halloween Photo Taken In April

Check out's article, "Behind the lens, Stephen King," in which Raeanne Rubenstein discusses a 1985 visit to photograph Stephen King and family.

He took the picture of the King family on Halloween (above).  But guess what. . . it wasn't Halloween!  It was more like April. Rubenstein explains:
One of the greatest moments of that visit though, was when either I (I’d like to take the credit) or Stephen (I cannot remember) came up with the idea of dressing the whole family up in scary costumes. And we did! You might think it was October, Halloween, but the backs of the contact sheets say differently. It was actually April when we did this. 
As you can see, Stephen was dapper as werewolf, Joe Hill as the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Tabitha pretty as a picture while walking dead, Naomi as a gorilla, and little Owen Phillip very cute, as a blood-sucking vampire with great big teeth. Now, what fun was that!
Near the end of the article, he note, "In case you’ve been thinking all these years that Stephen King might be a stuffy, intellectual, literary dude, take it from me, he is not. I took lots of pictures of him bowling with his wife, dancing into the wee hours, playing with his children, and other fun and heartwarming scenes. I promise you that though his imagination might be warped, himself King seemed like a pretty regular guy."

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  1. Someone should tell Tabitha that all the makeup on the planet will NOT cover-up the uglies...

    C'mon, Steve -- don't you wish you married a hot babe instead of that 10-pound sack of shit in a five-pound bag?