Chadbourne "I'm Very Proud Of This Project."

photo credit: K Fletcher
from lincoln county news has an interesting article about artist Glenn Chadbourne  titled, "Chadbourne's Pen Brings Life To Next Stephen King Publication."

From the article:

Chadbourne who has done extensive work for King, said he spent the bulk of the past winter working on the project. Chadbourne said the original poem he received was only three written pages. 
"It's my baby," he said. "They gave me the text and then just let my imagination rip. They wanted between 70 and 90 pages and I gave them 88." 
He spent several months working 12 to 16 hours a day to come up with art for the project, including a half dozen different cover pages for the various editions. 
"I am very proud of this project," he said. "It is not every day you get something like this."

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