10,000 Magazines, #9995
Enterprise Incidents Presents Stephen King, 1984

With a new Star Trek movie out, it seems fitting to look back at Star Trek and Stephen King.  Well, there isn’t much to go on there!  King makes the occasional Star Trek reference, but it’s not like his love for Batman.  Years ago I did come upon a small treasure called Enterprise Incidents.

Enterprise Incidents was a Star Trek fanzine.  This was a special issue dedicated to Stephen King.  The effort expended for this project seems tremendous.  There is special artwork, reviews and articles.  The artwork is exceptional!

This is one of the earliest tributes to King I can think of.  Here’s what’s funny. . . reviewer James Van Hise doesn’t give positive reviews to a lot of King’s work – yet he seems to love Stephen King books.  Here’s what’s really fun –Van Hise isn’t afraid to have an opinion!  Oh, he has LOTS and LOTS!  But he shares them without apology.  He doesn’t spend a lot of time working around what he thinks, or building up to it – he just says it. That’s really refreshing!

Because this magazine is totally dedicated to Stephen King, not just one article – I’m going to give it some space.  I think the project was big enough, it deserves a little room on this blog.  So, in the days to come I’m going to post my reviews of Van Hise’s reviews.  Sound a little confusing?  Like having a commentary track over the commentary track!

I highly recommend the magazine!  You can buy it at www.amazon.com

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