Can King Give Us Good TV ?

Eric Deggans at had this to say about the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's Under The Dome:
Whenever it comes to television, I've grown used to Stephen King breaking my heart.
Time and again, he's brought adaptations of interesting and compelling novels to TV, only to wind up with stuff that is too uninspired (Steven Weber trying to outdo Nicholson in a remake of The Shining?) too boring (Pierce Brosnan moping through a limp redintion of Bag of Bones) or too dumb (The Langoliers. 'Nuff said.) 
Still, I have high hopes for the latest attempt to turn King's quality pages into quality television, CBS' Under the Dome.
Deggans offers the following things to bolster his high hopes for Under The Dome:
1. Dean Norris.
2. It's a Summer mini-series like The Stand.
. . . and that's about it!

I would offer this: I think Under The Dome was written to translate to screen.  It's a visual story.  It is also character driven, and sometimes television does nicely with good characters and big pictures -- when given a descent budget and good actors.  I think Under The Dome promises both.

A think a successful Under The Dome will add interest in making The Dark Tower as a movie and TV series.

That said, what are your favorite Stephen King television adaptations?  (And your least favorite!)

1. The Stand.
2. IT.
3. The Tommyknockers
4. The Shining  (I liked it)

Least Favorites:
1. The Langoliers.  It would have done better on the big screen, with more budget and less screen time.
2. Sleepwalkers.  You all will tell me it was not made for TV, it was a real movie.  But it should have gone straight to cable.


  1. Under the Dome might could be one of those ideas where the more you think about you're surprised it wasn't optioned as a mini-series adapt to begin with.

    Here's keeping fingers crossed for a better pay-off.

    Favorite King Mini-series
    1. It (liked despite/because of Spider, and Curry will always be Pennywise).
    2. Mick Garris's Shining (told the truth inside the lie).
    3. Storm of the Century (also one of the best King film's made, period).
    4. Rose Red
    5. Kingdom Hospital
    6. Desperation (is that a mini-series?).
    7. The Stand


  2. yes, Desperation was a mini-series.

    was thinking about king and tv -- golden years has to go on the naughty list.

  3. Favorites:
    1. It
    2. Storm of the Century
    3. 1979 'Salem's Lot
    4. Kingdom Hospital
    5. The Stand

    1. Bag of Bones
    2. Desperation
    3. Golden Years
    4. Rose Red
    5. The Tommyknockers

  4. Actually, 'Desperation' was NOT a miniseries. It's 2 hours and 10 minutes long, originally broadcast in one 3-hour timeslot.

    While I love Garris' 'The Stand' and 'The Shining', 'Desperation' was where I began to lose respect. After 'Riding the Bullet' (inept) and 'Bag of Bones' (inane), I gave up on him.

    Despite that, I've got half a mind to head on over to that site you linked, and give that guy a piece of my mind about hating on 'The Shining' miniseries, which I actually think is one of the best SK adaptations. But I'm too tired to do so. I've already blared that horn trying to convince other people who dislike it, who sha'nt be named here (cough*bryantburnette*cough) about the merits of that miniseries, and … nah, I don't need to go there.

    Nice to see some love on here for underrated 'Storm of the Century.' A great morality tale with one of the saddest endings of all time.

  5. PS – I meant no disrespect to Bryant in that last comment, I was merely going for a laugh. He's made no bones on these interwebs regarding his disdain about The Shining miniseries, and we have debated it at length in the past. No ill will intended whatsoever.

  6. I laughed. Bryant is going to call on Pennywise, though.