The Shining Code

Here is a Press Release from SBWire about their one hour documentary The Shining Code.
Londrina, Brazil -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2012 -- The Shining Code is releasing a one-hour documentary which deciphers and explains the meaning behind Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Due to its mysterious nature, the movie left most viewers confused and unable to understand what the events that took place were all about. The Shining Code documentary unlocks more than 50 codes within the film, codes that finally shed some light on the mysteries that left so many scratching their head and wondering what possessed Kubrick to put forth such a film.
The Shining made its debut in 1980. And while it ended up doing well at the Box Office, after a slow start, it received its share of criticism for being too ambiguous and impossible to fully comprehend. Based on a novel by Stephen King, the film's failure with the majority of viewers stemmed from two fronts; it was nothing like what Stephen King wrote in his horror novel, nor was it terrifying enough to live up to the horror genre to which most horror movie goers are accustomed.
The reason most viewers were left dumbfounded was because the movie was littered with obscure codes that were not easily deciphered. The Shining Code unveils the meaning of every single one of these codes, and thereby gives the film a whole new perspective. Armed with the insight from The Shining Code, viewers will have a much better understanding of what Stanley Kubrickintended to portray with his motion picture.
Once people have been made privy to the documentary and its code translations, they will come to a better understanding of the reasons for Jack, Wendy and Danny's frightening journey into insanity. The Shining Codedocumentary makers insist that it is imperative to watch The Shining again prior to watching the documentary in order to fully grasp the codes and their meaning. They've also hinted that what one will discover is likely to come as a major shock to their belief system – sounds pretty interesting to say the least.
The Shining Code can be downloaded in its entirety free of charge by visiting:
Following the free download, you will be able to view the documentary in its entirety twice before the file is locked. To get unlimited viewings, one will need to purchase the unlock key.
About The Shining Code: The Shining Code is a website through which The Shining Code documentary by JMC & MW can be obtained.
So what is the movie about?  Not to tell you too much. . . but how about Apollo 11.


  1. So, this is a different documentary about The Shining? As opposed to the recently released (and blogged about) Room 237? I'm confused.

  2. They are different movies. Room 237 is a documentary about films like The Shining Code. (Though I don't know if The Shining Code is specifically addressed by Room 237).

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  4. it's a good idea a free download but my level of heard english is not as good as my english reading, are those codes explained in the web site too?

  5. I didn't explore the website. And I don't feel right posting the codes here, since it's their gig. But the movie is good! I don't believe it for a moment, but it's good. Reminds me of people who find a "rapture" in the Revelation and who give us complex explanations why whoever the current president is is actually the anti-Christ. . . the same kind of crazy stuff people do to the Bible, but here they're doing it to a movie! My opinion only, though.

  6. Okay, I just watched the documentary. As with astrology, you can find a way to make ANYTHING fit a given situation, conspiracy, idea, wish (or whatever). I'm fairly sure it's all a bunch of malarkey, but they did an excellent job of presenting their argument (though he talks a little slow for my attention span, I did make it through to the end). Very interesting theory. Who know?