Film fest: 'You Can't Kill Stephen King' wins People's Choice best feature

Photo credit: Michael Bernstrein
Monroe Mann (Center) Ronnie Khalil and John E Seymore


Big news for Monroe Mann and the cast/crew of You Can’t Kill Stephen King: The horror film won the People's Choice award for feature film at the second annual Lewiston Auburn Film Festival.

Kathryn Skelton, staff writer at Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal notes that "You Can't Kill Stephen King" drew the largest crowd of the day.  The movie was filmed in 19 days around Western Maine.  That’s exciting, because King has often encouraged film makers to make his movies in Maine.

Skelton writes:
Mann and Ronnie Khalil took the stage for an audience Q&A after the screening. Khalil and Jorge Valdes-Iga directed with Mann. 
Mann, an actor, and Khalil, a stand-up comedian, wrote the screenplay on a lark, during a rainy weekend at Mann's family camp five years ago. The pair also co-starred and produced. 
In real life, "I'm creepy but not that creepy," Khalil said. 
Mann saw Stephen King twice during filming. The famous author declined a cameo in the movie. The directors are talking now to sales agents and fielding distribution offers.
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