TNT Developing THE SHOP

EW reports that TNT is developing a new series called, "The Shop."  It is based  on Stephen King's 1980 novel, Firestarter.  Sporting the tagline, "TNT Drama.  Boom," to emphasize  that the network wants to focus on thrill.

Jim Hibberd explains the story will focus on the evil agency, The Shop, that tried to capture poor Charlie McGee in the original novel.  20 years later, Charlie is tracked down and introduced to a group of people who have special abilities.  (thinking Haven?)
“It turns out The Shop is very much alive, bigger and badder than ever, and its dark experiments are unleashing terrifying new entities on the world. It’s now up to Talbot, Charlie and the rest of the team to find The Shop and destroy it for good.”


  1. Theoretically, this could be good. But it probably won't be.

  2. I'll admit to being slightly intrigued, but also somewhat skeptical. I think part of it comes from having watched Firestarter Rekindled and thinking, uh, hasn't this been done already?

    Still, we'll see.

  3. Not really excited about stories about vast government conspiracies..

  4. I'm thinking this project is dead. What I don't understand is why no one has talked about a Dark Tower tv series that incorporates the Shop. They're made for each other!