MTV Confirms Boone is Directing The Stand

MTV's Kase Wickman posted that rumors Josh Boone might direct the remake of The Stand are indeed true. (

Wickman reports that Boone mentioned the film while disussing his upcoming film, "Fault."
“The emotional connection that they have to that book ["Fault"] is so deep I think a lot about,” Boone said. “The reason I can understand that sort of fandom is when I was their age, I loved Stephen King with all of my heart. I wrote him letters when i was a kid, he wrote me back, and sent me some signed books. I put him in my first movie and now I’m adapting and directing ‘The Stand’ for Warner Bros. 
“When I was a kid, his books meant that much to me, so I totally understand the obsession. you have things that root themselves in you. The things that you love as a kid are the hardest to shake. You will always love them.”
Later in the discussion Boone revealed that he has a "gentleman's agreement" with Nat Wolff to give him a role in The Stand.

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  1. I'm willing to keep fingers crossed, however I'm keeping a certain (say sorry) skepticism in terms of seeing this go anywhere (which is not the same as saying I don't care or anything, I'd like to see what could be done with Stand).

    Having looked up Nat Wollf, the only role I can see him in is the role of Larry Underwood. What I'd really like to see is if they could get away with setting the adapt in late 70-60s milieu of the original 78 edited edition, as it seems that's where the psychological heart of the story is. However, we'll see.