Netflix Loves Stephen King

I hate commercials.  Thus, I love netflix.  And netflix loves Stephen King.  Recent offerings have included The Stand, Bag Of Bones and more.

What's strange is that I have all these on DVD, minus Haven, but I still prefer netflix.  Because who really wants to mess with a disk?

This month includes:

  • Haven, based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid.  It might be time for me to come back to this great show!
  • Maximum Overdirve.  Ya, I'll be watching that one again, too.  Actually, I love this film!  It's not a good film -- it's a great film.  A great bad film; which is the best.  Why is this not a Mystery Science Theater 3000? WHY!  It takes a special kind of movie to be worthy of that gangs razzing.
  • The Running Man.  One of those movies I watch over and over, thinking, "it's got to get better."
  • Bag of Bones.  This is actually a show I liked more the first time than I have on subsequent viewings.  
  • The Langoliers.  Trying watching it with the fast forward button on.
  • Children of the Corn.  The original that started it all, which is the real horror.
  • Thinner.  Which could be easily titled, "Misery" -- except a better movie already has that name.
  • Golden Years.  If you haven't watched it, you should.


  1. Oh you'd be surprised at what the MST3K crew thinks worthy of razzing! At their new site one can find titles such as the Star Wars prequels, and Terminator Salvation (which did not, I repeat, NOT HAPPEN!).

    Running Man: Oh, I think it's okay enough, a genuine guilty pleasure.

    Bag of Bones: I admit, I actually wound up laughing at the end of this.

    Langoliers: What? And miss the performance of Cousin Balkie?!


  2. I actually haven't watched The Golden Years! Adding to my queue!

    I have a strange thing for The Langoliers, too. It's kinda shitty, but I like it. Will probably be watching that one again.

  3. I just finished watching the Golden Years and hated it. I like the miniseries that was released on DVD more, but not much more.

    I also loathed The Running Man. The puns were not worthy of the campy 1960s Batman.

    I genuinely like The Stand. It does not do the novel justice, but no screen treatment could. But it was well cast (except for Molly Ringwald) and well directed with a good script.

    Children of the Corn is a classic. The ending is a little too sappy, but the cast is brilliant and the story genuinely creepy.

    Nothing needs to be said about Maximum Overdrive or Thinner. Both were horrible, as was The Langoliers. But I didn't think the Langoliers was a very good story to begin with.

  4. Agree with you about Moly Ringwald not being a good choice for Fran.