Larry Fire Shows His Love For Stephen King

Check out Comic Book Resources look at Larry Fire's office -- and in particular his love for Stephen King (and their common love for Batman.)

This is a nice collection!

Fire writes: "I have collected Stephen King books since 1983. He’s my favorite author and I’m also a fan of his son, Joe Hill. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both authors on numerous occasions and they are wonderful talented friendly people."


  1. I'm not a fan of that guy.

    There was a limited edition of "Joyland" that came out, and it was the only way to get a hardback. Part of that run included an edition that was lettered, traycased, and signed by Stephen King. There were only 26 copies. Larry Fire -- or somebody with the exact same name -- bought one of the copies, and then immediately sold it on eBay for nearly $1100. Which means that the ONLY reason he bought the book was so he could resell it and turn a huge profit on it.

    I cannot abide people who do that.

  2. Looks like quite a few King books stayed on his shelf.