RIFE: Mr. Mercedes Is Going Full Speed

Susan Rife has a nice review of Stephen King's upcoming book, Mr. Mercedes.  She obviously liked the story, as the bulk of the review is a retelling of the books plotline.  I'll spare you the "spoilers."  She closes the review by remarking, "the last 80 pages cannot be doled out over multiple reading sessions. You'll have to swallow them all in a single gulp."

There is also this rather satisfying note: "This being a Stephen King book, people are going to die particularly horrifying and gruesome deaths"

And for the complaints of a previous reviewer who was unsatisfied with the character development, Rife says, "With this small a cast, King is able to fully develop the characters beyond the too-common two-dimensional good guy-bad guy scenario. Brady may be a monster, but as the story unfolds, the layers that made him into a killer are made clear."