Some Stephen King Characters I'd Like To See Fight It Out

Warner Brothers has announced that the official name for the new Batman-Superman movie is, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."  The film, directed  by Zack Snyter, will star Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck.  Production is set to to take place in Detroit, Africa, and the South Pacific.

So here are a few favorite Stephen King characters I'd like to pit against each other:
  • Carrie v Charlie McGee (Carrie/Firestarter)
  • Christine v Gage Creed (Christine/Pet Sematary)
  • Alexis Machine v Pennywise (Dark Half/IT)
  • Randy Flagg v. The Mist (The Stand/The Mist)
  • Jack Torrance v Annie Wilkes (The Shining/Misery)
  • Johnny Smith v Brady Hartfield (The Deadzone/Mr. Mercedes)
  • Church v Cujo (Pet Sematary/Cujo)
I'd really like Carrie to visit Needful Things and burn the shop down.

Carrie can move things.  How about, Carrie v. The Dome.

All right, give me yours.


  1. I remember I once asked who would win a fight involving Jack Torrance vs. Lee Harvey Oswald. Then I thought, well, wait. Doesn't Oswald sort of have the advantage over ALL of King's villains? I mean for all his pulp-fiction-esque qualities, Oswald was still a real historical person. Jack Torrance or Pennywise are fictions, and therefore can't compete with reality.

    I don't know what that means, or even if it means Oswald sort of beats all King villains by a sort of historical default.

    Either way, in terms of fiction, I still say It is the most powerful villain in the King-verse (and it's sort of fitting that the number one baddie slot should go to a character who is, in essence, The Boogieman!).


  2. That's a good point. Oswald does enter the SK universe via 11.22.63. (Jack would win)

  3. Is Cujo getting an assist from Frank Dodd in his match up with Church?

    What about the "wolfs" from the Talisman vs the vampires from Salems Lot or a bully rumble involving Henry Bowers and the others?

    I'd like to see a four way match up between the Carries (five way if you count the half-sister from the Rage).