NBC has announced that Tommyknockers is being developed as a "limited" series.

The Hollywood Reporter notes:
King's Tommyknockers is based on the author's 1987 novel about the residents of a small Maine town and how they deal with what they perceive to be an alien spacecraft that has landed nearby. Frank Konigsberg and Larry Sanitsky will executive produce, while Emmy winner Yves Simoneau (Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee) will direct.

I think this is very exciting.  The mini-series and the book both failed to live up to the stories full potential.  It seems like with a series, the room can be given to flesh out the story itself.


  1. The following phrase throws up major warning flags for me: "how they deal with what they perceive to be an alien spacecraft that has landed nearby."

    "What they perceive"?!?

    "Has landed nearby"?!?

    That sounds nothing at all like "The Tomyknockers."

  2. Did someone seriously just write that the BOOK doesn't live up to the story's full potential??? Excuse me but the book IS the story!

    1. I believe that what David probably meant is that from his point of view, "The Tommyknockers" (the novel) fails to live up to its own concept. I don't entirely agree with him on that point, because I think it's quite a good novel. But it's perfectly possible for a story to have a terrific concept that is then let down by a flawed plot.

    2. Well, for me I'd have to say it's not the worst story I know. However the problem is that for whatever reason it just winds up dull, somehow.

      It's one of the those middle of the road affairs that leave so little impact that it's hard to kind of have an opinion on it.

      I guess in that sense it kind of does fail.

      Let's hope this new one does better.


  3. Bryant got it.

    The reason writers do many many rewrites is to refine the writing and get it as close to the story they want as possible.

    I liked The Tommyknockers a lot. I even liked the mini-series. I did think that each had weaknesses that can be improved upon and make the story better. The writing in The Tommyknockers is uneven. And the mini-series managed to dig up the most boring looking spaceship ever.

    1. It really is one of the all-time lamest spaceships.

      I don't hate the miniseries. It has abundant flaws, but there are parts of it that work really well, too. Plenty of room for improvement, though, which means that it's prime remake material.