Special Edition Of The Regulators Auctioned To Help Needy

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This is pretty neat  from wabi.tvnews.  A special slip case limited edition of the Regulators is being auctioned off to help Emmaus Homeless Shelter in Ellsworth with their "fuel fund."  The fund helps those who cannot afford to heat their homes during those cold Maine winter.

And, even more cool -- it's signed.  How did it get signed?  The article reads in part:
"There's only 550 of these that were boxed this way," explained Scotties Bookhouse Owner Michael Riggs. 
The book was donated by a regular bookstore customer who'd like to remain anonymous. The donor had a plan for what to do with the book's sale, but first he wanted to know what it was worth. 
"I told him the book would be worth more if he could get Mr. King to sign it," said Riggs. 
We don't know the details of that transaction, but we do know that if you open the cover now you'll find that Stephen King signed and dated it.
The article quotes the director of the Shelter, Lucille MacDonald, "I just think it's an ingenius way of being able to get a little bit extra to help people out."  Is this the first time a nun has gotten excited about selling Stephen King books?  I wonder.

I like this quote from MacDonald, "People come in and their tanks are empty and they have children and babies and the elderly. The other day an 85-year-old woman came in to the shelter and I was able to give fuel for her."  That's great.

The article states:
The book is on display at Scotties Bookstore at 209 Route 1 in Hancock. 
You can place bids in person, by phone at 667-6834, or by e-mail at scottybooks@yahoo.com. 

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